Hello World

Down the rabbit hole and back

In 2015, I started dabbling into the blogging space through medium.com. In my opinion, Medium was the first simple and readable blogging platform. They got everything right except the editor. I had to embed GitHub gists, which was very clunky and time-consuming. I am sure everyone had/has this issue.

The initial idea for Chuspace was very much inspired by medium with a better editor that understands markdown, highlights code and has community powered revisions. Often, we read posts on topics that have gone stale and I thought if we could do something like “Git for blogging“ that would solve the problem. Readers can submit “Revision requests“ and keep content up to date.

With that in mind, I started building the first version around the start of 2018 👇

But with a full-time job in hand, it took me almost two years to build the platform, and when you spend that much time you lose track - aka down the rabbit hole.

I had this complex platform with integrated Git hosting built on top of NFS (some code adapted from Gitlab FOSS). It was all very well reasoned, like having Git built into the platform would make onboarding easier. People don’t have to connect external repositories, which adds an extra step - UX and so on. Anyway, I felt lost and didn’t want to lose any more time. So, I decided to stop working and archieved the Git repository. I have learned a lot though.

This year, I was researching something and noticed content freshness and fragmentation still exist, and I guess it’s inevitable due to fast-changing libraries and frameworks. I thought, how about if I build something that allowed programmers to connect their existing static blogs hosted on Github **(Gitlab and Gitea coming soon). That way, they own the content and design of their blog and get a community of readers who can help keep content up to date.

And that’s what Chuspace is all about. It connects and brings independent programming blogs hosted on Git hosting platforms in one place so everyone can discover and maintain blogs through revisions**.


  • 💪 True content and design ownership on your domain.

  • 📡 Content distribution

  • 🔌 Works with any static site framework that speaks markdown

  • 📙 Multiple team publications

  • 🙌 Community reviews and contributions (**in development)

  • 🌐 Custom domains and hosting (**in development) aka Github Pages

How is this different?

Well, Chuspace works completely differently, in fact, the opposite. It starts with what you have and not what you must create or import to get started. You own your blog content, brand, and hosting provider - 100%. Plus, you can help create a community where we all can share and learn together and keep content fresh through revisions.

All you have to do is connect your existing blog Git repository - Get started.

See a typo, please submit a pull request 🙏