Writing everything about Chuspace on Chuspace 🌱


Hey, this is us 👋 🌱

Yes, we are writing about Chuspace on Chuspace.

Chuspace is a collaborative blogging platform for programmers and teams. Publish your content straight from git repositories hosted on Github(Gitlab and Gitea coming soon) and write from anywhere, even offline.

  • 💪 True content and design ownership

  • 🔌 Works with any static site framework that speaks markdown

  • 📙 Multiple team publications

  • 🙌 Community reviews and contributions*

  • 🌐 Custom domains and hosting*

Chuspace is built on the popular Ruby on Rails framework and is by design a monolith:

This repository 🤓 is also open sourced.

🤫 Psst! You can create your own publication with a README.

*In development